I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and a member in Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Indiana University School of Medicine. I received a MS in Biostatistics and another MS in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University, and PhD in Computer Science and Informatics from Emory University. I also interned in CareerBuilder Data Science and Amazon Machine Learning.


We are actively looking for students. Interested candidates should directly email Dr. Chen with CVs.


My lab’s research focuses on developing statistical and informatics methods for analyzing of multi-omics data. Projects include but not limited to

  • Epigenomics: Develop statistical methods and database for analyzing epigenomic data
    • Differential binding. [ChIPComp]
    • TF regulatory module. [tfLDA]
    • Database and web server. [hmChIP]
  • Genetics: Develop computational methods for annotating and analyzing functional variants (GWAS SNPs, cis-eQTL SNVs) by utilizing large-scale multi-omics profiles
    • GWAS variant enrichment analysis. [traseR]
    • Functional variant prediction. [DIVAN; TIVAN]
  • Metagenomics: Develop statistical methods for analyzing microbiome data
  • Single-cell genomics: Develop statistical methods for clustering single-cell data
    • Clustering scRNA data.[BAMMSC]
  • Transcriptomics: Develop statistical methods for analyzing non-coding RNAs
    • Differential expression analysis. [circMeta]